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About Skychem Group

As a professional chemistry solutions provider, is committed to realizing our philosophy of “Chemical Solutions For Blue Sky”, based on our nearly 30 years of experience in the field of chemical specialization and the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection.

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Supply wide range of dyestuffs for textiles, fabrics, digital printing and more, offer comprehensive technical support, custom color development ,sustainable solutions to turn your vision into a vivid reality.

Basic chemicals

Empower your textile dyestuff production with our reliable supply of chemical raw materials. We provide a wide range of basic chemicals, intermediates, and dyestuff filter cake to meet your manufacturing needs.


Including organic pigments, inorganic pigments, soluble pigments, pearlescent pigments, etc., providing diversified colour solutions for the plastics, coatings, construction and printing ink industries.

Food additives

Enhance your food processing business with our diverse range of food coloring agents and enzymes. Discover natural, eco-friendly colors and cost-effective synthetic options, along with amylases, proteases, glucoamylases, and more.

Waterproof materials

Experience unparalleled protection with our polymerized waterproofing membranes and coatings, widely used in roof , basement , bathroom , swimming pool waterproofing in commercial and residential buildings.

Speciality Chemicals

Unlock limitless potential with our industry and agriculture chemical auxiliaries. Experience unparalleled excellence in textile printing and dyeing, encompassing pre-treatment, color fixation, leveling, and finishing processes.


We believe that sustainable product output and management is our responsibility to future generations and a strategic opportunity to achieve long-term success.
For blue sky, For all organisms!

Mutual benefit

We want to grow together with our partners and improve together in the long run.

Sincerity and reliability

Our team is trustworthy and will help our partners achieve their needs with utmost sincerity.

Sustainable development

We follow the environmental protection concept and continue to explore the direction of sustainable development for the chemical industry.

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Technologies & Service

With a dedicated chemical research and technical support team, we provide a  comprehensive range of customised products and technical services to 1,000  factories in 60+ countries around the world, offering customised solutions for  industries ranging from textiles to food to constructions.

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Exhibition Status

Skychem group participates in textile and chemical industry exhibitions every year to showcase our products and services to new and existing customers.

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We Are Seeking Cooperation

We look forward to growing with all textile and chemical industry companies, and we
are able to provide deeper technical support and more convenient one-stop
purchasing for our customers’ needs.

"By using Emerald Blue products, I was able to achieve my requirements while greatly reducing my costs.Skychem's technical skills can be trusted!"
Patricia Muller
Factory Owner
"I encountered a dilemma in new product development, and the product manager of Skychem helped me to match their labs with me to develop a very competitive product!"
Michael Clark
"With the increase in environmental requirements, I found Skychem to help us improve equipment , design and production processes to make our ompany grow!"
Kent Milestone
Company CEO

Trust US And Grow Up Together

we sincerely hope that we can help our customers to solve their need with same
cooperative attitude and services that we have maintained for more than 20 years.

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We provide chemical soloutions for all clinents, and try our best for blue sky.​