Watermark refers to the dyeing of semi-products before dyeing, dyeing and color-fixing process and after dyeing droplets or splash water droplets, resulting in droplets, splash water droplets on the part of the fabric on the dyestuffs and chemical additives are diluted, destroyed, resulting in local color light, serious or even white or on the dyed fabric dyes color and lustre has not been destroyed, but due to the water droplets, resulting in watermarks stains on the fabric.
Dyeing and finishing processes are characterized by more water, more steam and more condensate.
Water dripping from the roof of the plant
Drying machine, pre-drying machine cover, racks in the drying evaporation of water vapor condensed into water droplets, etc.
The transverse drench pipe shutter above the drying machine is not closed tightly, resulting in water leakage.
Drying cylinder at both ends of the steam in and out of the leakage of steam, water leakage or drying cylinder with sand holes
Steam oven upper steam plywood is not open
1, mercerizing before water droplets can be eliminated by mercerizing, fabrics after mercerizing and dyeing process without completing the color-fixing avoid water droplets, finishing water droplets affect the appearance, but can be eliminated.
2、Plant design should pay attention to anti-fog, water droplets;
3、Strengthen the management of cloth car;
4, to prevent water leakage, leakage of vapor.


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