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skychem group is a technology-based, service-oriented, integrated chemical company

Who We Are

As a leading chemical solutions provider, the Skychem Group draws on nearly 30 years of expertise in speciality chemicals and sustainability, underpinned by a philosophy of ‘Chemical Solutions for Blue Sky.

Skychem Group is proud to provide products and technology output to over 1,000 customers in 60+ countries covering a broad range of dyes,chemical auxiliaries,pigments and additives etc. supported by a dedicated development team.

With a product development centre in Hangzhou, China, factories and sales subsidiaries in China and Vietnam, and upcoming offices in the Americas, Africa and Central Asia, we place a high priority on customer service and continuous innovation.

In the future, we will also continue to research and develop on the basis of environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable new materials to bring more valuable products. We are looking forward to providing the textile industry with more high-quality services for the whole industry chain, and better help the chemical industry to realize green and healthy development.


Company History

Skychem Group entered the textile dyestuff industry in 1999, with the first brand company “TIANKUN Chem”. Started to develop the international market in 2009 .

Established Sylic, Chungyo, Shine, Sky New Material and Skyfood chem sub-brand companies.And now, we established a group company named “SkyChem”.

 Customers in more than 60 countries around the world, for more than 1,000 clients to provide products and services.


In 1999, dyes production began, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of dyes.

In early 2009 set up a foreign trade export company,dye production exceeded 20,000 tons.

In 2013, self-exports exceeded US$100 million


As of 2014, it has served more than 200 local customers in Vietnam and Europe.


In 2015,Tiankun Chemical became the best case enterprise in China's export comprehensive test area.


With an output value of nearly US$200 million in 2018 and exports to more than 60 countries.


Tiankun Chemical became the president unit of Hangzhou Cross-border Chamber of Commerce in 2020.


Tiankun Chemical integrated its multiple brands and established Skychem group. Providing dyes to global customers and providing high-quality chemical solutions.

Skychem Group's Business

With a focus on meeting local market demands, we offer specialized performance and colour solutions that bring vibrant colour to life.

Understanding the entire supply chain, our global network of researchers, technologists, and product managers assist customers in optimizing production processes and  enhancing product performance.

Collaborating closely with you, we strive to fulfill your corporate vision while delivering the highest standards and meeting the unique needs of your industry.

Skychem Group Colour Business

From fibres to finishes, from masterbatches to finished plastics, from pastes to inks, from colour powders to coatings, from celebratory pyrotechnics to aerospace smoke, From drinks to desserts, from sand to tiles, Skychem Group Colour Division provides dyes ,pigments,food colorants and other colouring chemicals for the textile products, plastics and rubber products, inks, coatings, smoke, food and construction industries. Our research and development systems and solutions enhance the performance of products in apparel and other industrial products for a wide range of applications such as high-fashion, home textiles, speciality technical textiles, PVC, digital inks and many more!

Skychem Group Specialty Chemicals Business

For pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing of textiles, For waterproofing of buildings, For the fermentation of foods, Skychem Group Specialty Chemicals Division offers a wide range of speciality chemicals such as colour fixing agents, softeners, levelling agents, water repellents, fluorescent agents, bio-enzymes and many more for a variety of applications such as textiles, packaging and paper, paints, automotive, food and construction. Combining our products with a wide range of industrial applications to realise special functional effects in your products!

Our Values​

We help our customers win in their markets through a simple and efficient collaborative approach, we are hardworking and motivated, and never give up!

We provide professional performance and solutions to meet the needs of our clients in their local markets and realise a fair return on value!

Our Massion

Chemistry innovation to improve the quality of human life.
We provide leading-edge chemical innovation solutions that improve people’s lives and sustain our planet.


We regard quality as the first standard, and our products comply with OEKO-TEX, SGS, HOHENSTEIN, ECOCERT, CHEM CHECK ,BLUESIGN,and other certifications. We protect your business with our professionalism and quality.

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