New trends in automotive coatings in 2023: Environmentally friendly coatings lead the revolution in automotive appearance

In this era of rapid technological advancement, the Internet has become entangled in all aspects of our daily necessities, food, housing and transportation. I can’t imagine that if our mobile phones disappear one day, will we be able to solve our lives with one click? In recent years, the automobile industry has also ushered in many changes. It is undergoing earth-shaking changes in the new energy era. Material selection, car paint, everything has been transformed.

In particular, automotive paint, which is the finishing touch to a vehicle’s appearance, is becoming more and more popular among young consumers. The younger generation has become the main force of consumption. What they value is not only the performance of the vehicle, but also the perfect presentation of the appearance. As a result, the automotive coatings industry has also ushered in a new development trend.

01 Environmentally friendly coatings become mainstream

In recent years, as the government continues to introduce environmental protection policies, sustainable solutions have gradually become mainstream in various industries. The automotive coatings industry is also actively responding to this policy. Environmentally friendly coatings, represented by water-based coatings and powder coatings, reduce the use of organic solvents and reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), which is beneficial to protecting the environment and human health. With the recovery of the automobile market and the emphasis on environmental protection issues, the demand for environmentally friendly coatings is increasing. The automotive coatings industry continues to engage in technological innovation to develop more environmentally friendly and high-performance coating products.

In 2023, automotive coatings companies produced some environmentally friendly coatings to meet market demand for environmentally friendly, high-performance coatings. For example, brands such as Nippon Paint, Albena, Carpoly, Dulux and 3Trees have launched environmentally friendly coating products such as water-based paint and powder coating.

  1. Water-based paint: Nippon Paint has launched a series of water-based automotive paints, including base paint, varnish and topcoat. These coatings use water as the solvent, reducing the use of organic solvents and lowering VOC emissions. They also offer excellent appearance performance and durability and are suitable for a variety of car types.
  2. Powder coating: Albena and Carpoly have launched environmentally friendly powder coatings, which are suitable for coating automobile parts. These powder coatings are solvent-free, low energy consumption and high utilization, while providing good anti-corrosion properties and appearance.

In addition to water-based coatings and powder coatings, some automotive coating companies have launched environmentally friendly automotive coatings such as high-solid coatings and UV-curable coatings to meet the needs of different customers.

What we can see is that automotive coating companies have made certain progress in environmentally friendly coatings in 2023, launching a variety of environmentally friendly coatings products to meet the market’s demand for environmentally friendly, high-performance coatings.

02 Giant paint companies in 2023

PPG has launched a series of new automotive coatings products, including high-performance anti-corrosion coatings, sustainable bio-based coatings, highly weather-resistant outdoor coatings and environmentally friendly coatings with low VOC emissions. In addition, PPG has also strengthened its cooperation with automobile manufacturers to provide them with customized coating solutions.

BASF will continue to increase investment in the field of automotive coatings in 2023, launch more environmentally friendly, high-performance automotive coatings products, and strengthen cooperation with automobile manufacturers to jointly promote the development of automotive coatings technology.

Sikkens further strengthened its leading position in the automotive refinishing field in 2023, by continuously launching innovative products and technologies to provide better services for automotive body repair and commercial vehicles.

Xiangjiang Guanxi will continue to focus on the research and production of original automobile coatings in 2023, strengthen cooperation with automobile manufacturers, improve the quality and performance of automobile coatings, and provide better overall solutions for automobile coatings.

Nippon Paint launched the “2023 China Popular Color Trends”, with the purpose of humanistic care, and joined hands with domestic authoritative color expert Song Jianming and his Big Dipper color research team to designate the neutral tone “Shattered Golden” as the main color of the year.

In the field of automobile industry, Nippon Paint is committed to investigating popular colors and texture changes in many fields, capturing the factors that influence the aesthetics of automobiles in terms of material form, and predicting trends in new painting processes through new color and new material combinations that present sensory differences, helping to Development and innovation of China’s automobile industry.

03The future of automotive coatings

During the development process of China’s coatings industry, the importance of coating technology has been generally ignored. Traditional coatings research institutes and coatings manufacturers often only focus on product development and production, while ignoring the actual application of coatings. Sales and service personnel also lack relevant professional knowledge and skills and are unable to provide consumers with comprehensive solutions.

Although some enterprises have begun to realize the existence of this problem and have taken some corresponding measures to improve it, compared with joint ventures or foreign advanced enterprises, this aspect is still our weak link. Therefore, coating companies should actively promote the integration of coatings and coatings to provide more comprehensive and better services.

At the same time, we must also realize that independent innovation is an important driving force for the development of China’s coatings industry. While introducing foreign advanced technology and management experience, we must pay attention to digestion and absorption, and carry out independent innovation on this basis. Only in this way can we have our own brand and market.

Therefore, Chinese automotive coatings companies should learn from experience and be good at independent innovation in order to have a broader space for development. Only by continuously promoting technological innovation and management innovation can we achieve sustainable development and remain invincible in the fierce market competition.


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