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  1. Continuous dyeing belongs to padding dyeing and is mainly used for dyeing cotton or polyester cotton blended fabrics. It is suitable for dyeing large quantities of woven fabrics with reactive dyes. The advantages are short process time, low dyeing shrinkage, and the disadvantages are complex process, which can easily cause head to tail differences.Nowadays two bath padding method is popularly used in the woven cotton fabrics.


Padding-Pre-drying-padding-steaming process-Washing-Drying



  • Padding reactive dyes solution:

Skyzol Reactive dyes                                          x    g/l

Sylic Migration inhibitor CY-532                    1    g/l

Sylic Fast penetration agent CY-119C             1    g/l

Water                                                                     y

500  L

Skyzol RGB series, SD series are very suitable for continuous padding process.

Skyzol Yellow S-D,Skyzol Red S-D,Skyzol Navy S-D

  • Pre-drying:

Temperature:110 Centigrade


Pre-drying process there are two methods, one is hot air drying, another is infrared drying.which is non-contact with fabric and avoid of dyes migration,now widely adopt this process instead of hot air drying.

  • Padding Salt-Alkali solution:

Glauber’s Salt       200 g/l

Soda ash                30g-40g/l

Caustic soda         4-5g/l

Remark:Soda Ash, Glauber’salt dosage is according to the fabric color light to dark.

  • Steaming

Temperature:100-102 Centigrade


1-5.    Washing
Cold rinsing with over flow                                      1 box

Hot rinsing                                                                  2 boxes     85C

Soaping (Sylic soaping agent CY-411H)1-2g/l     2 boxes     95C

Warm rinsing                                                              2 boxes    50C

Cold rinsing                                                                  1 box


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