Last week ushered in the first cold air across the country, as if also blown to the silicone market, the hot silicone market finally ushered in a cooling phenomenon. Back after the National Day, the state promulgated various policies, such as electricity price increase, vigorously develop photovoltaic new energy and so on, for silicon metal, good news frequently, last week 421# silicon metal is still rising steadily, now 421# chemical grade silicon metal east China bidding price 67000-69,000 yuan/ton, up 1000 yuan/ton, the cost of the single factory still support.


And the silicone market side seems to have come to the quiet stage before the storm, although on the surface of the major mainstream offers without too much change, but due to individual DMC monomer factory within a week back nearly 2200 yuan/ton, as of Sunday, DMC lowest offer 61000 yuan/ton. The bullish mood in the middle and lower reaches of the market is no longer firm, wait-and-see sentiment is clearly breeding, single factory orders in general. At the same time, in order to avoid the risk of loss, there have been many middle and lower manufacturers, traders open the dumping mode, the downstream terminal also take the opportunity to pressure prices, the current transaction price chaos.


107 rubber market: last week, 107 rubber market offer stable operation, single factory also returned to normal order mode. The partial decline of DMC market was transmitted to the 107 rubber market, showing interval adjustment with small amplitude. The 107 rubber price was about 62000-63000 yuan/ton, with a decline of 1250 yuan/ton. From the perspective of raw material supply, except for some DMC’s price reduction behavior, other monomer factories hold stable operation for the time being and maintain the price state with the offer, which provides important support for some 107 rubber manufacturers to stick to the high price. At the same time, local decline, 107 rubber manufacturers dare not too much stock, actively consume inventory, early delivery orders, overall, inventory pressure is still under control.


From the perspective of downstream demand, in the face of the release of upstream callback signal, the downstream silicone rubber market after the holiday filling psychology disappeared, wait-and-see mood intensified. Upward sharply due to the early materials, losses are part of the silicone rubber enterprises to reduce capacity utilization, or switch to MS glue, etc., the property market this year golden nine silver ten also unusually cold and cheerless, the north and to enter into winter, extends to the silicone rubber gradually shrinking market demand, so there is a price signs, silicone rubber stock up more negative, most manufacturers of 107 adhesive small single procurement, floor trading. Some 107 rubber manufacturers, trade in order to speed up the shipment speed, the margin of interest is different. Overall, operators are becoming more cautious, running low inventories and following the market. It is expected that this week 107 rubber market is difficult to break through the slump, the trend still needs to pay close attention to the strength of the mainstream monomer factory price stability.


Silicon oil market: last week, the domestic silicon oil market high loose, first of all, because of DMC large stability and small fluctuations, the cost of uncertainty. Secondly, the downstream purchasing demand is general, and there is a certain resistance to the current high price of silicone oil. Although a few downstream manufacturers try to increase the offer, the terminal is not able to accept it. Now it is expected to fall, and the downstream is not active in taking goods. The negative sentiment in the market is increasing. Silicon oil manufacturers just need small orders for DMC. In order to avoid high orders, silicon oil manufacturers speed up the completion of early outstanding orders and actively consume high inventory.


Imported raw materials silicone oil, the parking device maintenance, overseas shipping is long, the effect of imported silicone oil supply is still less, zhangjiagang device had been at the low stage, the current electricity to relax, recent starts to ascend, and better foreign demand, is still the main for the foreign market, the domestic agent supply is difficult to carry, so the agent offer remain high stabilization, Imported material methyl silicone oil quoted 78000-80000 yuan/ton, very few transactions. Recently, a small amount of Xinyue futures silicone oil arrived in Hong Kong. Because the goods were ordered three months ago, there was a huge price difference with the current price, so the traders offered a large margin, and the transaction was considerable. Silicone oil is expected to shock finishing, easy to fall difficult to rise!


Raw rubber and mixed rubber market: Last week, due to the frequent rollback signals from individual DMC monomer factories, the mixed rubber manufacturers turned to the state of cautious wa-see, and the psychology of stock preparation retreated. Therefore, the sales volume of the raw rubber factory is not ideal, which gives some concessions to the actual transaction of the core large households, while the raw rubber traders want to keep the bag safe and have a clear shipping mentality. At present, the quotation of the mainstream raw rubber factory remains 64000-65000 yuan/ton, while the transaction price of the market traders has dropped to 62,000-63000 yuan/ton. The wait-and-see mood in the market is heavy, and all are paying close attention to the market pricing of the leading raw rubber factory on Tuesday.


Because of the callback event in the mixed rubber market, people are nervous and dare not prepare the goods. At the same time, in order to avoid the risk of loss and improve the delivery speed, the low price of the mixed rubber market is frequent, leading to the confusion of the mixed rubber market offer. At present, the mainstream price of mixed rubber is about 51500-53500 yuan/ton, which is 500-1500 yuan/ton lower than the first week after the festival. Downstream silicon products are still in the local transmission, the overall situation is not too optimistic, especially under the influence of the positive shipment of mixed rubber, looking forward to falling sentiment is strong, they are very sensitive to the price, more wait-and-see operation.


To sum up, if the mainstream raw rubber factory can maintain stable prices this week, the panic shipment of mixed rubber is expected to decrease, but the stock of silicon products still tends to be cautious. Double 11, Christmas orders are not as good as expected, it is expected that the price of natural transmission, high volume of mixed rubber is difficult to improve.



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