What are full-color and half-color weaves?

It is a process method in which yarns or filaments are first dyed and then woven using color yarns. The colors of color woven fabrics are mostly bright and vivid, and the patterns are also distinguished by the contrast of colors.



Color woven fabrics use different colors of yarns and fabrics to form a variety of beautiful floral patterns, than the general printed fabrics have a three-dimensional sense.

As the color woven fabric is dyed with original yarn, the dye permeability is strong, so the dyeing fastness is better.

Color woven fabric weaving using multi-shuttle, dobby weaving machine, can be different fibers or different yarn interwoven into colorful, pattern dexterous varieties.

Because of the color woven fabric using color yarn or fancy yarn and a variety of organizational changes, so the poor quality of cotton yarn, can still be woven into beautiful varieties.



Due to the high loss of yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing and other processes, the output is not as high as the output of white blank fabric, so the input cost is high and the technical requirements are high.

Color woven fabric with dyed yarn woven fabrics, yarn dyeing is generally divided into two ways of color spinning and dyeing yarn, usually said color woven fabric refers to shuttle loom woven cloth, but knitting machine can also make color woven knitted fabric, relative to the dyeing of the cloth it is a unique style, but the price is on the expensive side, due to the color of the dyeing of the fabric yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing of the total loss is relatively large, the output is not as high as the output of the white cloth, so the cost increases!


Full-color weaving:

There are dyed or partially dyed yarns in both warp and weft (or there are several colored yarns interwoven with white yarns in the fabric).


Half-color weaving:

The yarns in the warp or weft are dyed or partially dyed, and the blank yarns can not be used for weaving color woven fabrics, because the tension and shrinkage of the blank yarns are different from those of the dyed yarns, so they can not be used in the warp direction for sure, and used in the weft direction in the post-finishing will also deform the fabric because of the shrinkage problem. Therefore, generally the colorless yarns are half bleached or fully bleached.



1All color weaving

A: To obtain the effect of different colors – the same kind of raw materials dyeing different colors printing and dyeing post-treatment cannot be done, while the use of color weaving can be done

B: the requirements of color fastness, color light requirements – color weaving products with good color fastness, good color light sense

C: the requirements of the sense of hierarchy – the requirements to achieve a good sense of hierarchy

2Half color weaving

Warp, weft raw materials are different – the use of warp and weft yarn raw materials are different on the dyeing performance requirements are different, half-color weaving can be used to reduce costs and increase the pattern.


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