What are the defects in color quality?

1.Color unevenness

The uneven color is mainly colored flowers, color spots and stains. Among them, the problem of color flowers is more likely to occur in rope dip dyeing. The selection of additives and the order of heating and feeding should be properly controlled; in tight open-width dyeing Although there is less chance of color problems, it is necessary to use leveling agents to prevent color spots and stains mainly related to the cleaning of dyes, auxiliaries and equipment. For example, some disperse dyes with low water solubility are affected by particle size, Anti-agglomeration performance, process recipes and whether the dyeing machine is cleaned thoroughly or not are affected by factors such as improper control when used. It is prone to problems of color spots and stains.

2. Color fastness

There are many items of color fastness, mainly including: soaping fastness, rubbing fastness, light fastness, perspiration fastness, chlorine fastness and weather fastness, etc. Among them, soaping fastness is mainly determined by subjective Causes; light fastness, perspiration fastness and chlorine fastness are mainly affected by objective factors, namely the nature of the dye. The rubbing fastness and weather fastness are not only related to subjective factors, but also affected by objective factors (such as the types of dyes and additives). Caused by uneven color. It mainly occurs on cotton fabrics, especially after using reactive dyes containing vinylsulfone groups; and the windmark phenomenon will not appear immediately after the fabric is dyed. The wind printing problem does not appear until the warehouse or even after the garment is finished. Generally speaking, if the fabric is not cleaned after dyeing, there is more floating color, the cloth surface is alkali, and it is not dried in time after dyeing, or it is stored in a wet or semi-wet state. After a long time, the parts exposed to the air are prone to wind printing, and this phenomenon is more obvious when the CO content in the air is higher. Due to the different uses of textiles, such as clothing, shoes and hats, bedding, curtains As well as industrial fabrics, their respective requirements for color fastness are different. Therefore, the appropriate dye variety should be selected according to the use of each textile. The color difference is not discussed here.



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