Acetone fiber poly is a new type of fiber combining acrylonitrile and cellulose acetate at molecular level.


Vinyl green fiber cross-section is nearly round, after comparison is closer to the cross-section of cashmere fiber, both retained acrylic fiber and cellulose fiber fluffy, soft, smooth, high strength and other characteristics of the advantages, but also has good dimensional stability, warmth and anti-static properties, so that the wearer feels warmer and more comfortable. Vinylon fiber is mainly used in thermal underwear, sweaters, shirts, bedding and other fields, the market price is 30%-50% higher than ordinary acrylic.


Properties of vinegar green fiber


  1. Excellent anti-pilling performance: the anti-pilling and acid and alkali resistance properties have been measured by professional testing organizations to reach the standard of grade 4 or above. At the same time, after the physical wearing experience, it shows excellent wear-resistant performance.


  1. Excellent warmth performance: the density of vinyl green fiber is 1.17g/cm3, lower density than cashmere, lighter. Its thermal conductivity is 0.051W/(m…C) lower than cashmere 0.055W/(m…C), so its warmth is better than cashmere.


  1. Good antistatic properties: the static voltage of vinegar green fiber is measured by professional testing institutions at about 1100V, with half-life ≤ 1.0s, which has reached the antistatic class A standard.


Vinegar green fiber use range


1、Application in the field of shirts, characteristics: fabric firm, warm, excellent drape, moisture absorption and sweat and smooth and comfortable.


2, in the field of bedding applications, features: ① silk-like natural luster and smooth feel; beautiful colors; ② good wear resistance, resilience, good warmth and non-pilling; ③ no static electricity, do not attract dust, no mold, no moth and easy to take care of the collection.


3, in the towels, bath towels and pillowcases in the field of applications, features: ① maintains the natural fibers of natural environmental protection and moisture absorption and breathability and quality of the softer and cleaner; ② puffy and comfortable and anti-bacterial, anti-mite efficacy is a new type of health care towels.


4, wool sense of leisure fabrics, features: ① anti-wrinkle wear, stiff, elastic, warm and anti-pilling; ② that absorbed the advantages of cotton, wool, silk, hemp, and avoid their respective shortcomings as far as possible.


5, in the field of socks, scarves, gloves, hats. Applied to the field of socks features: ① play vinegar green fiber strength, strong wear-resistant properties, to overcome the shortcomings of low strength acetate; ② antibacterial, antimicrobial effect, as well as moisture absorption, sweat and breathability; applied to the field of scarves features; ① give full play to the vinegar green soft and fluffy feel, warmth and elasticity; ② color, color fastness is good, better than wool has better comfort.


6, the application of thermal underwear, features: ① excellent warmth, breathability, antibacterial, good dimensional stability and good skin friendliness, washing is not easy to shrink and deformation, highlighting the characteristics of “light, thin, warm”; ② anti-pilling and pilling to achieve more than 4, to achieve the promotion of first-line brands of underwear.


7, the application of the field of sweater, features: ① warm, cashmere-like touch, bright colors, anti-pilling; ② both acrylic puffy and soft hair and acetate back to the high anti-static advantages.


Therefore, acetate fiber is widely loved by fabric manufacturers. In the underwear, socks, high-grade scarves, and other fabrics can be seen in the figure of vinegar green fiber.

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