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We have a professional service team to provide comprehensive services such as product sampling, technical support, full-link design, etc.

Our services

Product proofing

We have a professional product laboratory and are able to complete proofing services for a wide range of products.

Product Replacement

We provide product analysis and recommend corresponding product replacement options for you.

Product Customization

We can design and customize products and complete product solutions according to customer needs and processes.

Process design

We are happy to provide customized designs for your plant’s production process and help you fill in the gaps to improve production efficiency.

Production solutions

According to the products purchased by customers and the corresponding production chain or the overall situation of the factory, we help customers to provide mature production solutions to improve efficiency

Equipment Support

We have independent brands for the supply of textile and chemical machinery and can help our customers to solve the problems of raw materials and production lines.

Leading Technology

We can provide customized sample service for disperse mixed dyes or pigments, and we can restore 1:1 color and light power, so that customers can replace the original dyes directly with our dyes without changing the dyes formula. We can provide better products and lower cost.

Our company has strong competitive advantages in degreasing agent, soaping agent, color fixing agent, leveling agent, silicone oil, waterproofing agent, etc. Especially, we have developed a reduction cleaning agent to replace traditional insurance powder, which is green, energy-saving and emission reduction, and has strong competitiveness for our company in this field.

We can provide the whole system and the whole process of sampling, testing and dyeing follow-up for orders with high quality requirements (e.g. color eye-catching, fastness requirements, etc.)

We can provide customers with a complete set of printing and dyeing auxiliary solutions in the process of printing and dyeing, and provide technical support for various difficulties encountered by customers in the process of printing and dyeing processing, production, upgrading and replacement.

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