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Better product replacement

A customer purchased 60 cui blue for RMB200/kg, after sending the sample to our company for analysis, we understood that the customer used it for dip dyeing, and it is a full polyester double-sided fabric which is not easy to color flower, so we recommended to use our company to develop 60:2 cui blue, the cost is about RMB40, which greatly reduces the dyeing cost of the customer.

Customized dyeing solutions

A customer dyed gray with reactive dyestuff and had a problem of jumping lights in the same color and different spectrum, and sent a sample to us for a solution. After analysis by colorimeter and color matching software, we selected the best combination of dyestuff, and our company formulated the corresponding dyeing process to solve the customer’s difficult problem.

Product use training

A customer from abroad, who had never done any high washing order, purchased our SKYCRON®KXF series and did not know how to use it. We sent our professional technicians with the corresponding temperature measurement, PH value and other professional equipment to the customer’s factory to make a cylinder of big red and big black respectively, and after the finished product was tested OK, we summarized the relevant process, notes and gave the customer a whole system detailed training.

Production technical support

Support an auxiliary manufacturer to produce a multifunctional pretreatment auxiliary, with wetting and penetration, refining and oil removal, chelating and dispersing agent, hydrogen peroxide stabilization four functions in one product, can compete with a multinational company similar products, and the cost has a significant advantage to win a good market share.


Auxiliary product development

A long leave of an auxiliary production original purchase products of silicone oil emulsion, and then sold to customers. Through our technical support, the manufacturer mastered the technical breakthrough of synthesizing finished silicone oil from raw materials and emulsifying it into silicone oil emulsion, saving more than 40% of the cost and controlling the quality very well, helping the additives manufacturer to expand more customers and get better benefits.



Full-chain support

A customer was originally a manufacturer of dyestuff intermediates, due to the local government’s increasingly high requirements in environmental protection, the government no longer allows its original printing and dyeing auxiliaries can be produced, but its technology is relatively weak, the market share is getting smaller and smaller, lagging far behind its peers. Knowing that we can provide the whole set of technical services, he was glad to cooperate and get the support including equipment improvement, formula design, production process, etc. He realized the successful production of many products such as pre-treatment auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries and finishing auxiliaries, reversed the loss situation and gradually came out of the predicament.

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