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Digital inks

Skyinktex disperse inks for direct digital printing on polyester. This ink is the perfect solution for printing flags and banners and fashionable sportswear.

Sublimation inks

dye inks are one of the most common type of ink used for ink jet printers. Made by dissolving the colorant in a liquid,these inks have long been used because of their color richness and clarity,and because they are inexpensive t product,and therefore inexpensive to purchase,dye inks for Epson printers are extremely popular,pairing great print quality,with intense,durable colors

Excellent dispersion property

Small particle size,Excellent performance for Sublimation inks

direct ink-jet printing process

Fabric pretretment→Ink-jet printing→Steaming or heat treatment→After treatment (Washing..etc)

Heat transfer printing process

Transfer paper→Ink-jet printing→Printed paper+polyester fabric→Hot-pressing transfer printing→Products

Conditions of transfer printing

Fabrice NameTemperature of transfer printingPressureTime
Polyester Fabric190℃-220℃0.5kg/cm215-30s
Polyester low flexibility Fabric190℃-220℃0.5kg/cm215-30s
Three-acetate fiber fabric190℃-220℃0.5kg/cm215-30s
Nylon Fabric190℃-220℃0.5kg/cm215-30s
Acrylic Fabric190℃-220℃0.5kg/cm215-30s
Two-acetate Fabric190℃-220℃0.5kg/cm215-30s
Gather propionitrile Fabric190℃-220℃0.5kg/cm215-30s

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