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The active ingredients in pesticide can only play a role after contacting, intake or absorption with harmful creatures or protected objects. Most pesticide original drugs cannot be sprayed directly or evenly dispersed and covered in the protected crops or in the venue of activity because it is difficult to dissolve in water. The preparation can be used. Auxiliary substances used in the process of pesticide dosage formula processing are collectively referred to as additives. The proportion of pesticide aids in pesticide preparations ranges from several to 90 %. It does not have pesticide activity and effective ingredients, but it can or help improve and improve the physical and chemical performance of pesticide products.
The agriculture adjuvants plays an important role in the preparation and given effective ingredients of pesticide dosage forms. However, because agriculture adjuvants may have potential harm to environmental ecology and human health. The management of ingredients, which has paid more attention to the safety of its use in the process of pesticide dosage processing in the past.

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