Smoke Dyes Solutions

Somke  Dyes are chooseen by tech enginner,.There are some profession dyes and chemicals auxiliaries supply.r

Application-Somke dye

  • For over ten years of dye development

  • Tiankun Skysol® dye have Yellows, Oranges, Red, Violets, Blues, Greens

  • to meet a variety of military specs around the world.

  • Products can be applied:

  • Practice artillery (Fluorescent Powder)

  • Distress Signals For Ships

  • Smoke Generators

  • Fireworks

  • Aerobatic smoke (liquid)

  • Marker buoys

  • Screening & Laser Blocking smokes

  • Police-and security products

  • Sea Markers

  • Piping and duct work identifiers

  • Pyrotechnical components for air shows

Our advantage:

1. High thermal stability;

2. Good light fastness and weather fastness;

3. Bright colors and high color strength;

4. High brightness.

Products for Smoke Solutions

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